Our raison d'etre is to make new creative visions a reality.  
We seek creative partnerships with artists we trust and admire. We have relationships with production teams in Brooklyn, Austin and Toronto to help you realize your vision.

We accept ideas through recommendation.


We make investments in films with a visible path to profitability.  We have a record of strong returns on critically acclaimed films.  If you are interested in bringing investment into meaningful films and producing a return, contact us at and title your e-mail “Investor.”


We are interested in projects led by fully formed teams, but we are also able to match experienced production teams with greenlit projects.  

If you are a producer, line producer, cinematographer, editor, casting director, or have experience in production design, art, or sound, you can contact us at  Please title your e-mail the same title as your position (you must have previous experience at the position you wish to pursue with I.I.).